Our Coffees

Original Roast
Medium-Dark Roast
1 lb bag

Camp Muskoka Coffee’s Original Roast is a multi-region blend that captures the rich smooth flavours of Africa with the pleasing clean finish of South and Central America. We hope you like it.

Dark Roast
1 lb bag

Capturing the balance between old world espresso and west coast’s finest, CMC FRESH ROASTED Espresso starts with more than a bite…the kick may surprise you. But if you wait…sit back…relax…let it breath… and you’ll discover a velvety smooth finish that may impress you…or not. But we hope it does.

De-Café Roast
Medium Roast
1 lb bag

Harvested from the mountains of Colombia, Camp Muskoka Coffee’s De-Café is created using the chemical free Swiss Water process. With the caffeine removed from the green beans we then roast them in house to bring out the rich delicious taste for which Colombia is world known.