CMC Clothing

Camp Muskoka and Camp Muskoka Clothing were established in 2001. In 2012 we realized that despite having been in Bracebridge for 12 years, Camp Muskoka was not commonly known locally. In a marketing effort we decided to take our clothing line to the main street of Bracebridge and in 2014 opened Camp Muskoka Clothing & Tuck Shop at 6 Manitoba Street. Although selling “Super-Soft Comfy Cottage Clothing” was what was written on the window, our primary purpose was to have as many conversations about camp with as many people as possible. 

Our inaugural success was so motivating we decided to open a second store in Port Carling in 2015. Due to its location in a new development we decided to add coffee and soft serve ice cream to help attract people across the bridge and through the door. Two weeks before we were to open we had an epic moment of clarity…”How many times a year do I go to a coffee house, and how many times a year do I go to a clothing store?” The answer was a hundred-to-one and we immediately changed our focus (and our sign) from clothing to coffeehouse.

In 2016 we closed down our 6 Manitoba Street clothing location and opened our second Camp Muskoka Coffeehouse at 72 Manitoba Street where we roast our own coffee fresh onsite. As for our clothing line, we still design, manufacture and sell our own brand of clothing which are available at Camp Muskoka or either of or coffeehouses in Bracebridge or Port Carling.