About Us

Our Story…

Camp Muskoka is a place where mermaids and monkeys play all day, where kids actually fly and learn to believe that anything is possible! Seriously…Camp Muskoka is a real kid’s camp just 10 minutes from our Bracebridge Coffeehouse. We inspire more than 10,000 kids a year through our Summer Camp programs for boys and girls 6 – 16 and our Outdoor Education Leadership Centre for school groups. We are in the business of helping kids believe in themselves and we REALLY love doing what we do!


Our Coffeehouse

We first created Camp Muskoka Coffeehouse as a venue to start conversations about camp. It was important for us to set a warm camp atmosphere with an authentic log and timber frame cabin and massive natural stone wood burning fireplaces to provide that quintessential Muskoka ambiance. We soon realized that there are hundreds of people, adults of all ages, who firmly state their camp memories are amongst the happiest memories of their lives.  At Camp Muskoka we’re really good at making those memories and we want to do more of it.


Our Coffee

One can only imagine the amount of coffee camp staff drinks to keep up with the energy levels of hundreds of 6 – 16 year olds. After 20 years in the industry, we have extensive experience drinking coffee. So when a serendipitous turn of events found us without a coffee supplier and a thirsty coffeehouse to feed, we decided to pursue another passion and start roasting our own coffee. We hope you like it!


Our Purpose

Camp is a magical place where lifelong friendships are formed. We are in the business of helping kids believe in themselves. We REALLY love doing what we do and WE WANT TO DO MORE OF IT! We have a 10 year plan to expand our facilities so we may serve more kids however our ambition outperforms our budget. To solve this challenge, we’ve started an online “Premium FRESH Roasted Coffee Subscription Service” to cater to coffee lovers anywhere in North America. Our target market is people who habitually brew a pot of coffee every day. It is our hope that coffee lovers everywhere will enjoy our coffee and help us fulfill our camp goals. In other words, we don’t want to beg for your money, we want to earn it by providing you with a quality product conveniently delivered right to your door weekly or as often as you like.

We hope you enjoy our coffee and share our story with friends. 

To place your ORDER or to GIVE IT AS A GIFT, please visit www.campmuskokacoffee.com

Thank you for your support!