Camper Family Promo

Dear Camp Muskoka Family member,

Thank you for taking us up on our special offer.

To receive your pound of CMC Coffee absolutely free, simply choose your coffee below and at the bottom of the next page select “ONE TIME PURCHASE”. At check out, enter promo code “CAMPER-FAMILY” and your FRESH Roasted Camp Muskoka Coffee will be shipped to you shortly.

Enjoy it for yourself, share it at work, or serve it to guests over the holidays. The only thing we ask is for your honest feedback. “All progress starts with the truth”. We will email a short survey in early January.

If you’ve already enjoyed CMC Coffee this past summer and wish to join our Coffee Club, please choose your coffee below and on the next page select “SUBSCRIBE” and when you enter promo code “CAMPER-FAMILY”, you will receive your first pound free and your subscription will start on the next cycle as per your order.

The option is yours and we thank you for your support. We hope you like it!



There are currently no products available in this collection.